Travel Green

EconoTeque offers bikes, cars, and charging stations that utilize multiple sources of green energy. 


The EconoPower Charging Station is an off-the-grid, standalone charging station with smart IoT capabilities that can be used to charge the EconoBike, EconoTrike, and EconoVehicle. The charging station can also function as a main or backup power system for homes, buildings, and smart appliances.

​The EconoPower Charging Station is capable of generating energy from solar panels, microturbines, earth batteries, and atmospheric power generators that can be placed on the outside of the unit. It is able to monitor environmental sensors to provide diagnostic feedback on its own conditions, and that of other connected devices. The charging station can also wirelessly communicate with secure, cloud-based servers and smart power meters, as well as smart household devices and appliances in real-time.


The EconoPower Charging Station utilizes atmospheric, ground, wind, and solar energy, meaning:

  • Its electrical infrastructure is less expensive because it does not depend on a single point of energy distribution.
  • Its use of multiple points of energy distribution allows the charging station to be placed as close as possible to its intended electrical load or use.
  • It is economically feasible to have several charging stations serve a single electrical load or use, vastly increasing the reliability of the power system.

In a real-world test, one EconoPower Charging Station supplied 2.4KW of power to a four-bedroom home for a period of two weeks during an ice storm.  


The Econobike offers consumers a powerful form of green transportation in a compact, affordable package. This electric bike allows riders to travel up to 20 miles on a single charge of its 24V battery pack.​​​


The standard EconoBike comes equipped with 26' wheels, a battery rack which can house two 24V battery packs, and a high-powered 450W, 470RPM DC motor capable of climbing hills. It can reach a maximum speed of 20mph, and allows the rider to alternate between full electric power and pedal-assist mode.

The EconoBike is capable of carrying two 24V, 10A, 240W rechargeable battery packs on its rear rack. These battery packs are easy to attach and remove, and can be charged using the EconoPower Charging Station, or other compatible power source.​​ The standard EconoBike can be customized to fit the customer's needs.


The EconoTrike is a three-wheeled vehicle capable of transporting large loads. It utilizes the same battery packs as the EconoBike, and can travel up to 68 miles on a single charge.


​The EconoTrike comes equipped with a heavy-duty 450W, 24V, 20AH rear-wheel drive power system and can reach speeds up to 28mph. It can be modified to carry larger loads or multiple passengers, according to the customer's needs.

The EconoTaxi is a modified version of the EconoTrike with a rickshaw body (pictured bottom left).


The EconoVehicle is a lightweight, compact electric car currently in the design phase of production at EconoTeque. It is intended to be an affordable, versatile car that will expand travel options for consumers in areas where access to fossil fuels are limited.

The EconoVehicle will be able to travel up to 68 miles on a single battery charge, and achieve speeds up to 28mph.


Planned features for the EconoVechicle include:
  • 4.2KW/48V motor.
  • 48V 200AH battery with a charge time of less than 6 hours.
  • Steel and fiberglass body with or without aluminum doors.
  • Two, four, and five seat options.
  • 4-wheel hydraulic brakes with a hand rear-wheel parking brake.
  • Independent suspension system and a rack and pinion steering system.

Customers will also be able to choose from a variety of rim face plates when customizing their EconoVehicle. These rim face plates (pictured bottom right) are designed and manufactured by a member of the Living Learning and Working Consortium.


The aerial transport vehicle and voice activated car were  developed by members of the Living Learning and Working Consortium.